Is it Time to Develop a Renewable Energy Company in Malaysia?

A professional and reliable renewable energy company in Malaysia should be able to offer reliable services, reliable installations, and most importantly, reliable maintenance. Malaysia has many regions and it is home to many ethnic Chinese who have long been using wood fire for heating purposes and for cooking. As a nation, keen on conserving its vast resources, Malaysia has a knack for innovating new technologies especially when it comes to energy. Hence, many companies in Malaysia are constantly researching on ways of using available resources efficiently.

renewable energy company in malaysia

Because of the popularity of wind energy, there has been an increased interest in solar and hydropower as renewable energy sources. The government has also taken positive initiatives for the use of clean and renewable energy sources. The government encourages innovations of green energy technology because it is believed that such technologies can significantly contribute to the country’s economy in the future. The following article will give an idea of the leading renewable energy sources in Malaysia and the best companies providing these services.

Solar energy sources in Malaysia are plentiful. The semi-arid state of the country has over 500 small sunflower farms and most of these farms have big solar panels to collect the sun’s rays. The wind resource is equally abundant. Many areas in Malaysia have abundant winds of at least ten miles per hour. The two renewable sources of power can be used together or independently; each form of green energy sources has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on usage.

One of the most popular forms of renewable energy company in Malaysia is the use of wind. Wind energy is considered by many as a more effective way of producing electricity compared to solar longer be. The wind generated by the windmill is then used to turn the turbines that turn the blades into electricity. The blades of the windmill are made out of very durable materials so that they can stand up against the strong winds. As a result, the blades last for a very long time.

The wind turbine is then connected to the main line of the electricity grid. The wind-energy company provides a back up source for those days when there is no sun or no wind. Although the wind turbine is very expensive, many families and businesses still opt to have it installed. As a result, the popularity of the wind-energy company is steadily increasing in the state.

Another popular form of renewable energy source in Malaysia is geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is not yet used extensively in the state but the government is working on developing more geothermal power plants. The advantage of geothermal energy is that the source is widely available. Unlike solar and wind energy sources, geothermal energy is a renewable energy source. It does not require the burning of fossil fuels, which deplete the natural resource in question.

An important factor for any renewable energy company in Malaysia is their transmission and distribution systems. These systems are normally placed in the remote areas where there is no infrastructure to support other forms of renewable energy. This creates certain problems. For one thing, the wind and sun will not be able to generate enough power for the local communities to utilize. This leads to an important disadvantage.

Although the renewable energy systems are quite efficient and provide many advantages to the residents of a particular community, the wind and sun will not be able to generate enough power for the whole state to use. So, these renewable energy companies will either need to develop more renewable resources to meet the demand of the community, or place the backup generators in remote areas. The advantages and disadvantages of each method will be assessed and a decision will be made as to which is best. However, most experts believe that developing additional resources for the state’s renewable energy needs will be the best course of action.