How to find the top law firm in Malaysia

Skrine Law Firm, established 1999 in Malaysia, has won numerous awards. With more than 100 lawyers and 230 support staff, it combines extensive legal expertise with commercial awareness to provide the best solutions for its clients. Skrine has a multi-lingual team that is trained in international languages and committed to providing excellent service. The company’s diverse workforce and large network of offices allow it to provide a broad range of legal services.

Rahmat Lim & Co. boasts more than 90 lawyers in Malaysia. This firm is a success story that has been unaffected by its mission. They have highly skilled attorneys who work in inter-disciplinary groups and provide services in many practice areas. Its multidisciplinary approach allows it to provide personalised, tailored legal services for clients.

Jeffrey & Co are a top choice for a quality law firm. Jeffrey & Co has been operating since 2018 and provides a wide range of legal services for local as well international companies. This multidisciplinary team includes a highly skilled and bilingual staff. Their goal is to provide top-quality service to clients and a high level of personal service. They offer comprehensive legal solutions that address a wide range of issues.

Kandiah & Associates, a renowned law firm for corporate matters has more than 90 lawyers in Kuala Lumpur. They are committed to protecting all rights of intellectual property in Malaysia. Kandiah & Partners can provide clients with the highest quality service through their multidisciplinary approach. It is known for its excellent reputation and award-winning lawyers. Its team of dedicated, efficient and expert lawyers has helped businesses grow and flourish.

Rahmat Lim & Partners are one of Malaysia’s top law firms for corporate matters. This firm boasts more than 90 lawyers in Kuala Lumpur. It has achieved great success while staying true to its mission. The firm’s multidisciplinary approach allows it to provide quality legal advice while avoiding unnecessary court proceedings. Wong Beh & Toh has a variety of areas of expertise and is a good choice for individuals as well as businesses. A small and medium-sized law firm that has a Malaysian touch would be the best choice for you if you are looking for Malaysian legal services.

If you need a lawyer for a business case, Zaid Ibrahim & Co. is a leading law firm in Malaysia that specializes in intellectual property and corporate legal advisory. With more than 170 lawyers in Penang, the firm has achieved great heights and continues to serve a wide range of clients. Their track record is impressive with both local and foreign clients. Contact them today if you require legal assistance. This law firm provides top-notch services to its clients.