Types of Catering in Malaysia

Besides the usual cuisine, there are certain other types of food you can serve at your event in Malaysia. Some of these include banquet catering, Life Bites Catering, and Big Onion Caterer. You can also opt for customized catering services if you have a particular requirement. But be warned: you must follow certain rules and regulations while handling food. These rules are in place to ensure the quality of food you serve. The prices of different types of food may vary according to the area and occasion. Ideally, you should cater to custom orders to meet the requirements of your customers. It is also important to have extra capital to pay for unexpected expenses.

Life Bites Catering

Located in the heart of Klang Valley, Life Bites Catering offers a full menu of delectable cuisine, including local and international favourites. Their customisation service allows for a truly customized menu that suits the clients’ tastes and budgets. All banquets are Halal certified, making this a great choice for those who are observing dietary restrictions. Life Bites Catering uses only the freshest ingredients and is committed to serving you delicious, fresh food.

Banquet Catering Malaysia

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a corporate party, the food at Banquet Catering Malaysia is sure to please. Food in Malaysia is full of flavors, from free-range proteins to sustainable seafood. The cuisine also makes use of local commodities like coconut extract and various flavors to enhance the overall experience of guests. Listed below are some of the delicacies you’ll find at a banquet in Malaysia.

Jumbo Caterer

If you are planning a wedding or a corporate event, Jumbo Caterer Malaysia is the perfect choice for your catering needs. Known for its delicious bespoke cuisines, Jumbo provides an exceptional catering experience. If you have an upcoming Indian wedding, you will be delighted to know that Jumbo is also available to cater this event. Indian weddings are known to be colourful and vibrant, with sparkling traditional costumes. Therefore, a good catering company for Indian weddings would be the best choice.

Big Onion Caterer

Big Onion Caterer Malaysia is a food and beverage catering business in Ipoh. The company operates from two shoplots in Jalan Ipoh. It has a central kitchen, a coldroom and a storeroom. It has extensive coverage in East Malaysia. They have a food safety certificate, which confirms that they meet the requirements of ISO 22000:2005. In addition, they have a team of certified halal chefs and caterers who are always on the lookout for ways to improve.

Plant-Based Health Alliance (PBHALL)

Plant-Based Health Alliance in catering Malaysia is one of the few companies in the country that is 100% vegan and offers delicious meal options for its customers. Its social enterprise has even come up with an in-house health activation programme. The program, which is available in a 1-week or two-week version, features two meals curated by Celebrity Vegan Chef Dave. Participants can also avail of health consultations, complete medical advice, and blood tests.

Teaffani Catering

If you’re planning a lavish event and want to impress your guests, Teaffani Catering is the right choice for you. This home-grown company has won many awards, including the 2017 Service of Excellence Award from the Asia & Australasia Awards. Whether you’re planning a wedding, business dinner, or a birthday celebration, the company has the experience to deliver an exquisite menu. In addition, the company provides catering services for events in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.